Retouching of Wedding Photography

We always apply our special ‘Magazine Style’ retouching to every image we give you. This makes a ‘flat’ image into one that ‘pops’ off the page. We do this because, well … hands up who wants their photos to include the pimple on their nose that just appeared that morning or a morsel of food wedged between their front teeth (hands down Quasimodo)? And what’s more – we are photographers who want to be proud of our work….

We shoot RAW images (unprocessed digital image files) which means that they do contain every bit of data and information – they just need to be processed (each image one-by one on the computer) to bring these details out.

So this is the initial post-processing that is really time consuming, but worth every extra bit of effort. And this is the benefit of using top pro cameras, pro lenses and the latest bestest wizziest software. And not forgetting, our 20 years experience.

One thing we are always careful about is not to ‘overdo’ the treatment. We want the final image to still look natural, not all softy-focussy or with skin that has no texture – skin has texture, right?

Here are some examples of what we do.

Sussex Wedding Photographer
original unretouched RAW image – nice but lacks a little zing!
Wedding Photography Sussex
Just our basic retouching – helps to ‘lift’ it off the page (or screen)
Sussex Photographers
Original RAW file – looks a little flat but contains all the great details which we need to bring-out
Wedding Photographers Sussex
Colour corrected, zapped, and a little retouched
Brighton Wedding Photographer
Classic Black and White version
Sussex children photographer
A lovely RAW (unprocessed) image but needs a little of our special help
portrait photographer brighton sussex
Nothing magic here – just our special ‘boost” to really ‘lift’ this beautiful face
wedding photography sussex
The darkest church on the darkest day  Рbut with RAW files and top pro cameras there is lots of info recorded
Sussex Wedding Photographer
A bit of work and all the details are brought back into shot – impossible without shooting RAW with great cameras
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