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Brighton Photographer sussex wedding

PhotoBooth at a wedding, Sussex

PhotoBooth – what’s all the fuss about then?

The Picture-Of-Me PhotoBooth is something very special; an event in itself, something we absolutely love to do and without doubt something all of your guests or clients will totally love. It’s great for weddings, parties, corporate events, gallery and shop openings, clubs – the lot.

We set up our PhotoBooth Studio (somewhere out of the way – we only need a small area) and make amusing, wacky, fun and just plain crazy photos of all the guests. Don’t get confused with other so-called PhotoBooths that just give you a camera on a tripod and a self timer to take the shots yourself. No no no, we actually work it ourselves, like a fashion shoot.

We set up a true portable studio with lights and backdrops and props. We make everyone laugh, scream, pose, dance – making sure everyone has a brilliant time. It is a superb laugh, and to be honest we should be paying you because we have so much fun (but we won’t pay you, so get that thought out of your mind!)

Apart from the superb photographs, everyone will say to you afterwards something like ‘that PhotoBooth shoot was a brilliant idea and a real highlight‘. A true fashion-style photo-shoot, but for all of your guests or clients!! How cool is that?

Prices depending on the event and number of guests. For more (many more) shots click here –  PHOTOBOOTH

For photos click here –  PhotoBooth Photos