FAQ for Picture Of Me – Brighton and Sussex Wedding Photographers

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Q -We are only having a small wedding with a few relatives and friends, would you still be interested in being our photographer?

A – Of course we would, and we’d still make sure you got the best most beautiful photography to tell the story of your big day. We photograph small intimate weddings and civil partnerships, huge multi-day weddings and everything in between – and we love the whole spectrum of venues from small town registry offices to grand churches, castles and country houses.

Q – We love your work and would like you to photograph our wedding, but we are getting married in Southern Spain – is this too far for you?

A – Absolutely not! We are not just Sussex wedding photographers but cover weddings all over the UK, Europe and worldwide.  We love to travel and love location wedding photography. Please get in touch to see what we can offer you.

Q –  Does this mean you speak more than one language?

A – Apart from native English, the Picture Of Me team speak Spanish and German, and get by in French and Russian. David can also say “your goat is beautiful” in Chinese, which is particularly useful for wedding photography. And, of course I am forgetting, we are all fluent in the international language of hand waving, smiling a lot and excessively tipping waiters.

Q – Do you photograph anything else or just weddings?

A – I have a background in commercial and portrait photography which I still do. I also will make the Photobooth portable studio for most events

Q – How many photos will we get?

A – Depending on the number of hours we spend with you – between 300 (for a 4 hour wedding) and 750 (for an 8 hour wedding) give or take.

Q –  Do you bring back-up equipment in case one camera fails and our wedding is ruined?

A – We bring spare cameras and lenses and we only use the best professional grade digital cameras, lenses and flash units. We also have full public liability and indemnity insurance. For those interested we use Nikon D3s, D800 and D750 cameras; Nikon 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 16-35 4.0, 50 1.4, 85 1.4, 105 macro lenses. SB800 and SB900 flashes, Elinchrom Quadras, Skyport remote flash controllers, softboxes, reflectors, deflectors, defectors, AK47s, two-man submarines, squadron of low-flying display jets…..

Q – My friend’s got a good digital camera – why shouldn’t we ask him to be our wedding photographer?

A – Without years of experience of photographing people, managing difficult and changing lighting conditions, being original and creative with every single shot, then your totally unique and important wedding day will be remembered with blurred, out of focus, poorly lit and badly positioned shots. Hands up who wants a wedding photograph of themselves with a gargoyle sticking out of the back of their head or a completely fuzzy face? Hands down Quasimodo and Mr Fuzzy Face

Isn’t your friend going to be a guest at your wedding? Don’t you want them to enjoy themselves? What happens when they have had a drink or two? How good are they at managing and processing hundreds of images or designing books?

Pay the money for a professional – these photographs will be something to treasure for the rest of your lives.

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Q – I look terrible on photos and always have my eyes closed at the wrong moment; the photos will be a disaster – can you help?

A – Most people say this – in fact no one says “I look great in photos and I’m the perfect model” (okay Kate Moss, you can ignore that…) Relax, we have many years of experience in getting fabulous shots from all our couples – leave it to us to get the very best out of you.

Q – Can you retouch-out any disastrous spots that might appear on the morning of the wedding or portrait shoot

A – Naturally this is the least we would do for you. No one wants to be remembered for that spot that suddenly popped up on your nose on the day of your wedding.

For every image we work on there is a minimum of improving the light, colours, textures, cropping, adding our special three-dimensional quality, boosting the saturation or converting it to Black and White and much more that is a secret and locked in the family vaults in deepest Brighton. This is our unique high-end magazine style production technique and we apply it to every image we give you. Every single image!

For those technically minded we only shoot RAW files at maximum resolution and no file compression, which gives us total control of the final look of the images and the highest possible quality.

Q – Can you also do more extensive ‘beauty retouching’?

A – All of the Picture Of Me team are very experienced digital-retouchers and we will always listen to what you may want for that extra special photograph.

See HERE for examples of recent retouching

Q – Would you photography our Civil Partnership?

A – Of course we would – we’d love to produce some stunning images of your special day.

Q – It’s going to rain – it’ll be a disaster

A – Calm down. Rainy shots can be great fun but actually in reality there’s always somewhere to take cover – sheltering in cosy doorways or under huge colourful umbrellas can make great images. And these days with amazing low light cameras we can take superb shots even in really dark atmospheric rooms.

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Q – Blimey your photos are good. I say you are good but I also mean – you must be hugely expensive?

A – Thanks for the compliment. We put everything into our work and try to do the best we can, but this does not mean that Picture Of Me photography is expensive – see the ‘Prices’ page for details..

Remember, it is not just the full day of photography you are paying for. It is the pre-wedding meetings, our creative talent, the days and days of ‘post-production’ work on the photographs, high-end pro computers and the latest software, checking and maintaining equipment, making and designing storybooks or albums, liaising with printers, making DVDs, print management, the indemnity insurance, years of experience, the top professional cameras and lenses, and more and more …..

Q – Will there be a contract to sign?

A – Yes there will. It ensure that we all know what it involved. It’s a simple form and there is no small print.

Q – Do we have to pay a deposit?

A – Yes you do. It is a 50% retainer that is payable when we sign the contracts. It holds the date for you. The balance is payable anytime up to 14 days before the wedding.

Q – We’ve heard that some photographers are a bit ‘obtrusive’ and ‘in your face’. How do you go about photographing our wedding?

A – Well, during most of the wedding we will blend in like quiet guests taking shots that tell the story of your day, shooting details, observing everything. When it comes to the groups and especially the couple portraits however, we will direct you and suggest locations, positions, ideas – but we’re nice guys and we are never ever pushy. Or noisy. Then again we like to mingle with guests and have fun and crack jokes and even grab the odd canape when they pass by – hey just like guests!

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Q – You mentioned before that you set up something called a PhotoBooth; what is this?

A – The Picture Of Me PhotoBooth is something we absolutely love to do – it’s fun, riotous and generally fantabulous. Have a look at the PhotoBooth section under Galleries at the top of the page for details. We love doing it, the guests love doing it. It’s just one big lovely thing…..

Q – Okay, we love the PhotoBooth idea but still want a few formal shots?

A – No Problem. We always try to shoot a full wedding-party shot and a few selected groups, but try to limit them to no more than 5 or 6 shots.

Q – How long before we get our photographs?

A – Obviously there is a lot of work in post-production after a wedding, especially as we will have taken thousands of shots and have to go through all of them to select only the very best ones that tell the story of your day. And of course all the VIP retouching which is very labour-intensive. But we aim to deliver the DVD to you within two to four weeks. We can also supply all the images on a USB drive if you prefer.

Q – If you photograph our wedding, do we have to feed you?

A – You make us sound like children or pets! A light meal is all we really need so that we do not have to take time-out and leave the reception to eat – remember we might be with you all day and evening. Nothing fancy though; I like fresh Sushi with a side portion of lobster. Klaus is happy with a dry cream-cracker (I hope he never reads this…).

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Q – You are funny! You’re really funny. You’re a funny guy!

A – That’s not a question just a line from the film Goodfellows – but now you mention it, we really believe that laughter, fun, love and friends are the basis of a great life – and we always try to bring this into our work.

Any more questions then please feel free to ask away on the contact form above ……