Who Are These People?

With over 20 years professional experience, David Myers (photographer), Klaus Gruber (photographer), Christine Engert (book and album design), and Kathrin Lawincky (stylist and book designer) formed Picture Of Me to concentrate on producing truly wow-factor wedding photography.


In the UK

About me – David Myers  (click here to see my portrait and commercial website)

I live in funky Brighton in Sussex; a city full of coffee bars, quirky old pubs, arty people and the sea. I became interested in photography when I was 11 and on a family holiday. I still have the photograph of me standing in a cool way that I have never been able to replicate since, with a Kodak something-or-other camera slung around my neck. I have been photographing people for over 20 years, from families to celebrities and artists to African farmers; for books, magazines, weddings, newspapers, walls, charities, libraries, catalogues…..

Apart from always thinking about photography I love travelling to dangerous places, cycling and playing a loud Gibson guitar (badly).

About the Designer – Christine Engert
Is she good and can she produce imaginative, cool and timeless designs? Well she’s been doing it for 15 years for companies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Rolls Royce, EON, BT, Virgin and has designed more brochures, books, stationary and magazine layouts than she can remember.  Christine collects ancient shoes and hats from around the world, her favourite film is ‘Toy Story 2’ and her top crisp flavour is Salt & Vinegar.

David Myers: (UK) 07766 234228
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Commercial and Portraiture website


In Germany

About Klaus Gruber
Klaus is based in Furth, Bavaria. It’s a nice part of the world full of gorgeous forests, castles, enormous beer gardens (think Munich Octoberfest) and cheerful people (YES Germans can be enormous fun!). Klaus is never happier than when he is photographing people, which he does for various family magazines, agencies, private commissions and weddings. We have known each other for 16 years and although he has more muscles and hair than I do, I still like to think of myself as the ‘handsome’ one (let’s hope he never reads this or I’m in trouble).

He loves hiking in the mountains, has an enormous and eclectic music collection and makes the finest cappuccino known to humanity.

About the Designer – Kathrin Lawincky
Working for many years in design for magazines, picture libraries and graphic agencies, Kathrin has a superb eye for details and modern, chic style (the evidence M’Lord is in her fabulous German home and superbly designed Photobooks). She has specialised lately in ecology based magazines involving children and teenagers. Kathi loves hiking, gardening and is a black belt in Yoga.

Klaus Gruber: (Germany) 0911/977 3541

German Picture Of Me Blog

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So to end
We are the POM team  – if you are thinking about getting some seriously cool and stylish wedding photography then have a look at our work and we’d love you to call us.